Saturday, May 10, 2008

Biology, Psychology – “How does your memory work?”

Over 400 political, social, cultural & scientifical Clips under “ kam200 ”. Anthropology, Archaeology, Astrophysics, Atheism, Biology, Cosmology, Democracy, Feminism, Freedom, Genetics, Geology, History, Human rights, Palaeontology, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Science, Sociology, Zoology, … and many more

Friday, May 9, 2008

Biology, Psychology – Brain Story – “Growing the Mind”

Anthropology, Archaeology, Astrophysics, Atheism, Biology, Cosmology, Democracy, Feminism, Freedom, Genetics, Geology, History, Human rights, Palaeontology, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Science, Sociology, Zoology, … and many more …

Authors@Google: Joseph Kanon- Google NYC

The Good German by Joseph Kanon “[Kanon] is fast approaching the complexity and relevance not just of le Carré and Greene but even of Orwell: provocative, fully realized fiction that explores, as only fiction can, the reality of history as it is lived by individual men and women.” --Neil Gordon, The New York Times Book Review

Thursday, May 8, 2008

5 Google Video Documentaries You Have To Watch

Time Shift: Apocalypse Now... And Then (BBC Four)

"An investigation into society's obsession with the end of the world. The programme reinterprets various doomsday panics throughout history, from the Jehovah's Witnesses' flight to the mountains in the belief that the great flood was imminent, to the prospect of nuclear winters and the presence of deadly viruses... We are used to living in an age when the end of the world is always just around the corner. Over the last 30 years, scientific research and media novelty have combined to make every scare feel like it could be the next end of the world. And it seems like, with each discovery that our existence is just as fragile as we feared, science has taken on the same doomsday appeal as old testament religion - while, increasingly, modern religions employs the logic and reason of science to convince non-believers they have the answers."

"Dee Ryding's fascinating Time Shift explores how, from the 1970s New Ice Age, via global warming, nuclear winters, Sars and millennium bugs, we've successfully survived every predicted apocalypse, only to invent a new one to get worried about." Tom Ware, Time Shift Series Editor.

BBC documentary - Ariel Sharon

The life and career of Ariel Sharon. I found the documentary very neutral. BBC brilliantly showed the psychology behind the monster. Please put your comments to share public opinions.

BBC Horizon The Six Billion Dollar Experiment

In the coming months the most complex scientific instrument ever built will be switched on. The Large Hadron Collider promises to recreate the conditions right after the Big Bang. By revisiting the beginning of time, scintists hope to unravel some of the deepest secrets of our Universe.

Within these first few moments the building blocks of the Universe were created. The search for these fundamental particles has occupied scientists for decades but there remains one particle that has stubbornly refused to appear in any experiment. The Higgs Boson is so crucial to our understanding of the Universe that it has been dubbed the God particle. It examplains how fundamental particles acquire mass, or as one scientist plainly states: "It is what makes stuff..."

Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision: Hunter S. Thompson 1978 BBC Documentary

Hunter S Thompson and long time artistic collaborator Ralph Steadman are filmed as they travel to Los Angeles for an early planning meeting about the movie Where The Buffalo Roam. Fascinating for any fan of Fear and Loathing is Las Vegas, as Johnny Depp studied the footage in order to better adopt Thompson's mannerisms. There is also a detailed description of Thomspon's elaborate funeral plans, realized in 2005, involving a fist-shaped obelisk.

By the End of Time (BBC - TIME Part 2 of 4)

In this four-program series, string theory pioneer Michio Kaku goes on an extraordinary exploration of the world in search of time.

He discovers our sense of time passing and the clocks that drive our bodies. He reveals the forces of time that make and destroy us in a lifetime. He journeys to some of the Earth's most spectacular geological sites to look for clues to the extraordinary depths of time at a planetary level. Finally, he takes us on a cosmic journey in search of the beginning (and the end) of time itself.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Results for Authors@Google

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak discusses his new book iWoz as part of the Authors@Google speaker series. The book chronicles his experiences founding Apple and taking part in Silicon Valley's boom period.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

BBC Horizon Is Alcohol Worse than Ecstasy Part 1/7

Q. Who funds Sri Lanka’s war against the Tamil people? A. Every year the World Bank and the IMF give huge sums of aid to Sri Lanka, through the Paris Aid Group (PAG). This artificially props up the Sri Lankan regime and enables them to carry on their "War for Peace", as they call it. Military expenditure uses up 29% of Sri Lanka's total budget. The amount the PAG gives in aid, $800 million, is equivalent to the sum required by the Sri Lankan government to prosecute the war for a year. Britain gives aid through the PAG to Sri Lanka, sells arms to Sri Lanka and trains the Sri Lankan military through the UKMTAS (United Kingdom Military Training Assistance Scheme). Sinhala brigadiers are from time to time trained at Sandhurst. Q. Why don’t we hear about all these things? A. Every day in areas controlled by the Sri Lankan army, atrocities such as rape, torture, disappearances and extra judicial killings are occurring. In general we hear nothing of this because the Sri Lankan government is ruthlessly efficient at suppressing this type of information. It is almost impossible for NGOs to work freely. The Sri Lankan government controls reporting of the war and this cannot be easily counteracted as journalists are denied free access to Tamil areas. To influence international opinion the Sri Lankan government employs PR firms and well-known journalists. This enables them to promote their interests and to hide the horror of their brutal crushing of the Tamil people. Their aim in this protracted war is to demoralise and terrorise the Tamil people into giving up their struggle .