Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Second sun

The world's largest fusion reactor could provide limitless green energy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Amazing Geoglyphs Around the World: a Google Earth Tour

List of places shown in the video:
+Sultan the Pit Pony (Wales)
+Atacama Giant (Chile)
+Uffington White Horse (England)
+Area 51 Bomb Target (NV, USA)
+Nazca Lines (Peru)
+Firefox Logo (OR, USA)
+Coca-Cola logo (Chile)
+Alton Barnes White Horse (England)
+Folkestone Horse (England)
+Pintados Geoglyphs (Chile)
+Chiza Geoglyphs (Chile)
+Long Man of Wilmington (England)
+Cerne Abbas Giant (England)
+Barnsley Crop Circles (England)
+Darfield Crop Circles (England)
+Marree Man (Australia)
+Ciudad Juarez White Horse (Mexico)
+Blythe Geoglyphs (CA, USA)
+Traditional Tibetan Mantra (China)