Saturday, December 20, 2008

No EU - Common Purpose EUs 5th Column in UK Brian Gerrish Full Presentation.

Full Presentation: Brian Gerrish discovered the hidden machinations of Common Purpose in Plymouth England some time ago. CP influence is seen in force throughout the BBC, Local Councils, Police, Schools, National Health Service, and many government agencies that run towns in the UK. Leading toward ever closer union, it is a subversive way to set up new leaders of the coming Totalitarian Socialist State (The European Union). Bringing people in through 'Self Improvement' courses, the talented are picked and indoctrinated in CP ideology. Destined to break up traditional viewpoints it is a very effective and hidden tool of manipulators behind the scenes. Many CP trained 'leaders' are well aware of the true purpose of the organization, most are not but are serving the goal as a result of their retraining in the CP mode of thinking. Brainwashing, a cult, a subversive organization, are terms readily applied to the methods and organization of the group. (Disclaimer: Views and opinions presented here are for informational and educational purposes only and may not necessarily be those of the makers of this video who are serving only as recorders of the event for public view and may or may not support or advocate those views and have not checked the accuracy thereof. Use your own discernment.) Tags: rcoonespolitics, rcoones, new battle for britain, action now, European union, conspiracy, communism, eurosceptic, tony blair, regions, undemocratic, democracy, spp, American, napoleonic law, totalitarian, eu, uk, eussr, council tax, undemocratic, magna Carta, Brussels, constitution, police state, great Britain, secret societies society, illuminati, England, corpus juris jurus, facism, european commission, swra, seera, conservatives, labor, new, fabian society, agenda 21, royal institute of international affairs, riia, royal society, bilderberg, bilderbergers, bilderberger, world bank, wto, bank of england, london exchange, london school of economics, british labor, 3rd way, freemasonry, nato, common purpose, fema, sustainable development, united nations, imf, international monetary fund, international court of justice, peace palace, chatham house, David Icke, Tavistock Institute, european communities act.