Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pushing the Limits, Inflight & CroLanding Limits, Human Factors.

Factual Factory- Stock Footage, (color) "Challenge of Flight: Pushing the Limits." Rockets are now used in plane take offs. Jet Assited Take Off (JATO) Wider take off envelope. (VTOL) Vertical take offs and landings have intrigued military tacticians for years. Examples:
Wright Aerial Platform, Piasecki Flying Jeep, Rotor Separation, Ryan X-13- was the best example. The only one to join the airforce though was the Harrier. Inflight Limits: Stores Separation & Supersonic Separation. Landing Limits: Crosswind landings, landings with water on the runway, emergency landings & wheel fires. Human Factors: Wind blast- 411 MPH, deceleration test, rain simulation, remotely piloted vehicles- take the pilot out of the equation. Higher & Faster: First Super Sonic Flight, Edwards Airforce Base- where most of the flight testing takes place. One thing holds true in aviation nothing stays the same.