Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hot Cities 26 - Los Angeles 2 - Surviving Climate Change - BBC Documentary

Surviving the Storm - With overflowing populations the worlds biggest cities are on the front line of the relentless advance of Climate Change. How will the megacities cope? In the Caribbean, surviving massive storms during the hurricane season is part of everyday life. Hot Cities goes to Cuba, which has a well-rehearsed defence strategy and an effective early warning system at the Cuban National Forecasting Centre. Recorded from BBC on 29.11.2009.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Climate Extreme 2009 11 - Climate Countdown 1 of 2 - BBC Documentary

Climate Extreme 2009 12 - Climate Countdown 1 of 2 - BBC Documentary highlighting some of the extreme weather conditions for 2009.

Climate Extreme 2009 - I have been finding the ongoing debate about Climate Effects increasingly confusing with opinions varying right across the spectrum among well informed friends and family. I do remember extremes going back into the past & so I cannot claim this year has been worse than others (& even if reported in more detail, this is more a topic for meteorological scientists), but I do not remember such a string of cataclysmic events spreading around the globe within just 12 months, which even before the internet would surely have been somehow reported and recorded. So without either wanting to sensationalise nor underscore the issue, I decided to record all reports of extreme weather for 2009 as a future reference so as to compare both the frequency and severity of such current occurrences. I have included Earthquakes, as even specialists cannot exclude these as potential causes of Climate Change, but have avoided scenes of extreme suffering. I hope this will allow me and viewers to draw our own conclusions, if not now, then at least in the near future.