Friday, October 10, 2008

Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 191

Kathy is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and a 1980 graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University (BFA), where she majored in painting. Exposure to world cultures and geographies has been a significant influence on her artistic process. Of particular importance have been travels to locales in Africa, India, the Far East, and Europe. Many hours traveling in planes and viewing the Earth from above led her to note common patterns between apparently disparate habitats. This was followed by her subsequent on-the-ground encounters with the peoples of these countries through which common patterns between their apparently disparate cultures became obvious. Kathy’s curiosity about human relations, physics, sacred geometry, and the natural environment were thus stimulated, and this provides the basis for her artistic consideration of natural, and potentially universal, structures and states. Her work can be described as the exploration of energy templates arising from an intuitive response to the patterns and states observed. It is in this spirit that she is honored to participate in the Bridging Heaven and Earth Art Project. Patricia, an international contemporary artist, lives in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. Born in 1953 with European roots in Poland, Russia and the Ukraine, Patricia started her working career in business and pursued her art for many years as a hobby. In 1985, she made the decision to study the discipline of painting abstract oils. Studying with Canadian icon, Tony Urquhart, she knew that her passion was taking on a serious stride. A deeply spiritual individual who has walked the path of self-realization and has dedicated her life to service to humanity, Patricia is the Executive Director of World Portfolio Development for the Colours of Freedom Foundation. This organization serves to raise funds for several Children's Peace initiatives including Free The Children founded by Craig Kielburger (for Craig’s bio, see Show # 190 above) in 1995. Free the Children is an international movement of children helping children improving lives in more than 35 countries. Patricia is also an honored and joyous participant in The International Bridging Heaven & Earth Art Project.